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It may seem like a huge deal that someone would go shopping for an online store that sells everything from footwear to makeup, but according to this article in Chinese fashion journal Baidu , the country’s official online retailers for beauty products are not only growing, but are rapidly selling even more products. On Sunday, CNET spoke with an editor at a online supplier company called C3, which is responsible for producing the country’s most fashionable “horns.”

C3 is responsible for over 40 beauty products, including some branded with the word “horns.” For their website, its founder called the products “chang” (literally “blacks”), which means “champagne.”

The founder says that the company has also begun selling hair products as well. “I feel happy to show customers who already know my personal brand of hair,” he explains.

But despite this fame, some customers still don’t like what they see from C3 products. The magazine says that if you give their product a go there are still many stores that don’t sell them.

C3’s CEO also says that they have heard from many customers that their products are too expensive to make them buy. “They want to go to shopping and find great products,” he says. If we don’t find that, the website says, we will just have to close our shop.